Ford Transmission Repair

ford transmission repair

Over the past few decades cars have come a long way. The addition of the automatic transmission has made driving easier, and more desirable for the every day consumer. 

An automatic transmission is a type of automotive transmission in which the engine of the vehicle switches gears automatically. This is a feature of convenience that allows the driver to keep his or her right hand free. Unlike a manual transmission, when the engine reaches the recommended maximum RPM’s (Rates per Minute) the automatic transmission will switch gears without assistance from the driver.

Today, the most common form of automatic transmission is a hydraulic automatic transmission. The transmission hydraulically changes the gears on its own. The replacement of transmissions can be quite expensive. Most cars will cost more than $2,800 to replace and can cost more than twice as much depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.  It will also depend on the extent of the repair or replacement of the transmission. At Anytime Fordparts we are happy to help you find the parts you need for your Ford’s car transmission. Browse our inventory of transmission parts to find exactly what you're looking for!