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Ford shocks and struts online

It’s a common misconception that a car’s suspension is just for passenger comfort. The shocks and struts actually serve a much more critical purpose, as they also exist to keep the wheels in contact with the road.

This road contact affects your braking, steering, acceleration, and overall handling, for as soon as your tires stop touching the road, you stop controlling your vehicle.

Like many other systems on your car, the suspension is made of many parts that work together. Starting at the axles and ending with the tires, there are springs, shocks, struts, and other pieces that all need to be working properly.

Road feel is how much of the road’s imperfections are allowed to travel up from the wheels and into the passenger compartment. Traditionally, sports and performance cars have had a stiffer suspension, resulting in more road feel, and luxury vehicles have had a soft, almost over-cushioned ride. But that’s changing, as car manufacturers are altering the suspension in sportier luxury cars to provide more responsive handling. At the same time, the seats are getting softer, rather than the suspension, so this combination provides both greater road feel and greater comfort.

Possible problems with improper suspension can be body roll, which is when the car’s body leans too far to the outside while cornering, and bottom out, which is when the suspension is compressed to the point that the tires strike the body of the car. Either issue can be both damaging and dangerous. Proper setup can eliminate these problems, while also giving the passengers a comfortable ride, and most importantly, keeping your tires in contact with the road.

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