Ford Car Brake Pads Online

ford car brake pads

There is a lot more to your vehicle’s performance than how well it corners or how quickly it gets to from zero to sixty. Going from sixty to zero, every time, is the unexciting performance factor that keeps you and your passengers safe. 

Braking is perhaps the most critical component in your car’s safety system. It is an interrelated network of pieces that, when working properly, will stop your vehicle or slow it.  

Have you noticed how the front of your vehicle dips down when you slow? As an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force, the momentum of the car pushes forward when stopping or slowing.

There are two main types of systems, disc and drum. Most vehicles have disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back, but some high performance vehicles have disc all the way around.

Disc braking work by using calipers to squeeze pads against a rotor. This produces friction, which generates heat. They are kept exposed to the air to allow the heat to dissipate, as heat buildup can be damaging to any part of your car.

Drum brakes are lower cost, and are used on the rear of many vehicles. They are also easier to integrate with a car’s mechanical emergency/parking brake system.

Repairs can be a lot more complex than just swapping out pads, as each component must be working properly for the braking system to succeed at its job. Whether you need parts or the entire system, you can trust the genuine Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury parts from Anytime Fordparts.